What is Spring Meet? With Senior Jesse Cutting

Senior Woodsmen Jesse Cutting talking to a prospective student about the Woodmen Team
Senior Woodsmen Jesse Cutting talking to a prospective student about the Woodmen Team
Q: For those that are not familiar with Spring Meet, what exactly is the Spring Meet?
"Spring Meet is the Super Sowl of Collegiate Timbersports. It brings colleges from all over the northeast to compete in a two day event consisting of a wide variety of lumberjack events."
Q: What have you and the Woodsmen Team been doing for preparation for the Meet?

"The most important thing for any event involving a large number of Lumberjacks and Jills is wood. Since returning from winter break we started sourcing and milling wood for competition. While also building stands for sawing and planning logistics for trying to fit around 30 teams in the arena and running an efficient meet.  But the most important thing we have been doing is training the different events."
Q: How does it feel to be able to host Spring Meet your senior year?

"It's awesome! It's a lot of work and has been pretty stressful at times. But it will all come together and there is really no better place to host the biggest meet of the year."
Q: Who are the other PSC Woodsmen Seniors will be competing in their last Collegiate Timber Sport event?

"Justin Tamez, Brandon Graves, Nick Georgelas, Gabe Dorie, Maria Urban, Kimi Sekorski, Sam Patch, Sam Annabel, Charles Tirado"
Q: What goals does the PSC Woodsmen team have for Spring Meet?

"Both the mens and womens were very close to winning there divisions last year but took second while the Jack and Jill team won.  This year we have 3 teams that could win each division and our goal is to win all three trophies and get a clean sweep."
Q: What is a can't miss event that SMITTY NATION should see at Spring Meet?

"Chopping and sawing are the big events that everyone associates with the woodsmen team and there will be plenty of it over the two days. But the whole event is going to be great, the northeast conclave is the most competitive in the country which makes for close races which is always fun." 

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