Senior Spotlight - Gabriella Buehler

Senior Spotlight - Gabriella Buehler

Senior Student-Athlete Spotlight is a weekly series that will highlight and promote Paul Smith's College senior student-athletes on and off the playing field. This weeks senior is women's basketball & volleyball player Gabriella Buehler.

Why Paul Smith's?
I chose Paul Smith's because it has a pretty strong baking and culinary program. Another reason I chose it is because of the colleges and universities that offer baking, and aren't too far from home, this had the most beautiful scenery.
What are you hoping to do post-graduation?
A few years down the road I hope to have saved enough money to open up my own bakery. In the mean time I want to work in a lot of different styles of bakeries. I basically want to accumulate as much knowledge about the industry as I can before I open up my own shop.

What inspires you to continue to play your sport?
The other players, the coaches, and just the overall enjoyment of playing volleyball. Volleyball can be a really fun, fast-paced game.

How has being a student-athlete shaped your collegiate experience?
I've made a lot of my friends here on campus either from living in the same building freshman year, or by being on a sports team. I am not a very outgoing person so if I hadn't played volleyball freshman year I probably wouldn't have as many amazing friends as I do. It also keeps me busy and taught me how to manage my time well.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete so far?
Definitely winning volleyball championships this fall season. I've never been on a team that won a title before.

Who has been the most influential person in your athletic career?
When I was in high school I had an AAU basketball coach that really shaped me into a better player. He taught me to be level headed and to really focus on the part of the game I can control, which is myself.

Favorite Opponent to Play
I don't have a specific team in mind. But overall my favorite games are the ones where we played talented teams (maybe even more talented than us) and it pushes me and my teammates to really play up and push ourselves harder. I strongly believe that the only way to get better is to practice constantly and to play teams that are going to challenge us.

Favorite Professional Team

I guess I don't really have one haha. I am much more interested in playing sports than watching them.


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