Paul Smith's College plays big role in Empire State Games

Paul Smith's College plays big role in Empire State Games

Paul Smiths, NY - The Empire State Games will be taking place this weekend in our local region, over 2,300 athletes from across the state and beyond are expected to participate in more than 30 sports. Most of the events take place in or near Lake Placid, NY but the snowshoeing events will take place at the Paul Smith's College soccer field on Saturday morning beginning at 10 AM with the 5K being held at the VIC starting at 2 PM.

The Snowshoe races will include the 100, 800, then the 400 meter and 300 meter.

Also on the list of sports being held at the college is the new and exciting Sports event. Esports will also be held at the college and over two dozen people have already signed up for the event in witch they will be playing Madden NFL 19 with 1st place prize winning a 300 dollar Gamestop gift card. It will be a mix console event with Xbox One's and Playstation 4's being used. Structure of the game will be a single elimination bracket, on All-Madden, with 5 minute quarters, timeouts will be allowed and the weather will be randomized. NFL Teams will also be chosen randomly. The event is sladed to start in the Pine Room of the Student Center at 10 AM this Saturday.

For further information about all sporting events and the Empire State Games in general please head to this website: https:/

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