Coaches Corner: Dominique Boone

Coaches Corner: Dominique Boone

Coaches Corner is a new series to highlight Coaches of our amazing athletic teams here at Paul Smith's! First up is head basketball coach and also Sports Information Director Dominique Boone! Let's get to know more about our head basketball coach.;

How long have you been coaching basketball for?
I have been coaching basketball for 14 years.

How did you become the head basketball coach here at the college?
After being a successful head middle school coach, high school coach, high-level AAU coach, and a NCAA DII assistant coach I felt it was time to test the waters and see about interviewing for some head coaching opportunities at the collegiate level. Paul Smith's was my 4th school to interview with and as soon as I set foot on campus I knew the possibilities are endless to build something great here.

Besides coaching what made you come to Paul Smith's?
I felt very comfortable with the community members, staff, and faculty that I met. The facilities are top notch. Very beautiful area in the Adirondacks. Most importantly my AD Jim Tucker is great to work for.

What is/are your vision/goals for the team? How will you define success?
Our goal is to improve and be better than the season before. Since coming here we have increased our win total each year, our team GPA has increase each year, and we have more guys in peer leader positions each year.

My vision for the program is to develop a program that will have sustained success and not just 1 or 2 years of success. We want to get this program to be a championship caliber program year in and year out. That takes time and with our improvements each year we are far off from getting there both on and off the court.

We define success on how well our guys portray and follow our Core Values which we call "RARA" (Responsible, Accountable, Respect, Attitude). It is a way of life for us and our steps to success and living by these values will lead to the other stuff such as winning championships, guys graduating, etc.

Do you find it difficult to balance your time between your personal life and coaching basketball?
As a husband and father of 4 I am already pretty busy, add in 18 18-23 year olds to the mix and you can get stretched thin. It can be difficult, but my wife is amazing and always keeps the train on the tracks and making sure that not only our team is a part of our family but any Smitty.

What have you learned from your time coaching here?
I have learned that team culture is more important than X's and O's. You can have the best plays and the best talent in the world, but if you don't have guys that trust in you and each other fully you won't be successful in times of adversity.

What would be the highlight of playing in your program? What do you want kids to take from your program?
The highlight of our program are the experiences and relationships you make with your teammates. I still talk to guys I played with and we are always joking about what happened on a trip, funny stuff during practice, or a game. Our current team is constantly talking about their experience playing at the Barclay's Center, Carrier Dome, and in Florida.

What's a fun fact that most people don't know about you?
Before moving to the Adirondacks I was a K-8 PE Teacher and a High School Wellness Teacher in Philadelphia, PA and Nashville, TN

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