Paul Smith's Snowshoeing brings home titles.

Paul Smith's Snowshoeing brings home titles.

Chloe Mattilio and Matthew Leichty are 2016 Snowshoe National champions.  Chloe won the Women's Marathon, while Matthew Leichty won the Junior Men's 5K and Junior Men's Half Marathon over a solid field of young runners from across Northern US. 

This was Chloe's first marathon, and she followed Coach Bob Bolton's plan over the 6 laps.  Despite the incredible hills, and racing at over 6,000 feet, she was able to hold off world class runner Nickie Kimball for a close win. 

Joe St. Cyr finished fourth overall in the Men's Half Marathon and first overall in the 20 - 24 age class in the 10K.  The top three podium finishers in the Men's 20 - 24 age class were all from Paul Smith's:  Joe, Matt Williams and Louis Lolya. 

The 5K and 10K events were both held at Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Ogden, Utah and competed at an average elevation of over 8,800'.  

The top three women in the 20 - 24 age class in the 10K were Corrie Desilets (1st), Lauren Brieant, and Sarah Butler. Lenore Marcuson was recognized as the top "International" 10K finisher, as she is from Canada and goes to Paul Smith's College. 

In addition, Lauren Brient, Lenore Marcuson, Sarah Butler and Corrie Desilets won the Women's 4 X 2.5 Mile National Relay title.  For Corrie, this was her fourth relay title.